A nascent & proud Hacking team.
For us, capturing the flags is the way to understand the computations which are hiding them.

CaptainFreak (capt.)

Pretty Good at computers.

Web Pwn Mobile Misc

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0xrudra (vice capt.)

Wannabe Pwner.

Web Pwn

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Behroz Nathwani

Bug Hunter | Student.


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Akshansh Jaiswal

Still Finding that bug.

Crypto Mobile

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Pwn ���#]ذ�u�: SegFault

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Yash Sodha

Having fun with flags.

Web Mobile

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Sparsh Kulshrestha

I enjoy playful cleverness.

Web Pwn

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Abhishek Jaiswal

Tinkering away

Web Mobile Pwn

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Soumyadeep Basu

I break security not hearts ;)

Crypto Reversing

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Code,pwn repeat.

Web Misc

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